Members of Committee on Health Care of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament visited Hospital Jihlava

On 24 January 2017, the Vysočina Region hosted a session of the Committee on Health Care of the Chamber of Deputies. The programme also involved a visit to Hospital Jihlava and a presentation of the system of comprehensive cancer care in the region.

Lukáš Velev, MD, MHA, Director of Hospital Jihlava, assumed the latter role. His presentation for Czech MPs highlighted important changes in cancer care that have been gradually implemented in connection with the development of the pilot CCCN model. This model has brought a close cooperation between individual centres, sharing information on patients, and standardised diagnostic and therapeutic procedures into clinical practice. In this way, patients get an equal chance of access to an appropriate treatment, among others.

Assoc. Prof. Ladislav Dušek, PhD, from the Masaryk University, presented the latest statistics on cancer epidemiology and treatment results in the Vysočina Region. He pointed out that changes in cancer care are necessary because the number of cancer patients has been growing rapidly in the regions and across the whole country.

“This extraordinary pilot model of a comprehensive cancer care network in the Vysočina Region has become a point of interest even on the European level, and aspires to become a model not only for other Czech regions, but also for member countries of the EU,” explained Jiří Běhounek, MD, Governor of the Vysočina Region, praising coordinators and specialists involved in the project.

Compiled from press releases provided by the Vysočina Region Authority and the Hospital Jihlava. Photos courtesy of the Hospital Jihlava.

Presentations (in Czech):

Lukáš Velev – Organisation of cancer care in the Vysočina Region (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Ladislav Dušek – Cancer care in the Vysočina Region and its results according to recent national and international data (pdf file, 4.5 MB)


30. 1. 2017