Regional cancer care model

Vysočina Region

The Comprehensive Cancer Centre of the Vysočina Region is located in Hospital Jihlava, which serves as the catchment centre for a more demanding and specialised cancer care. Other four regional hospitals were established by the Authorities of the Vysočina Region, which provide cancer care in various extent and volume. This structure is supplemented by a private outpatient facility focused on medical oncology in Třebíč, as well as numerous smaller private facilities, which deal primarily with cancer diagnosis, prevention, and palliative care. Secondary prevention care is covered by a large network of GPs and gynaecologists, 5 mammography centres, 10 colonoscopy centres, and 1 cytology laboratory.

South Moravian Region

The Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in cooperation with University Hospital Brno and St. Ann's University Hospital in Brno provides cancer care not only to patients from the South Moravian Region, but also those referred from other regions. All three constituent parts of the South Moravian CCC have joint indication commissions and multidisciplinary teams of experts: in this way, it is ensured that each patient treated in this CCC will be provided the best available cancer care. The constituent parts of CCC provide more demanding cancer care from the technical and financial point of view, while cooperating hospitals are mainly involved in cancer diagnostics and secondary cancer prevention. University Hospital Brno is specialised in haemato-oncology and in paediatric oncology.

Diagram of comprehensive cancer care in SW Moravia

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