Cancer screening centres

All internationally recommended and evidence-based cancer screening programmes are available to all citizens of the Czech Republic, including SW Moravia. People aged 50 years and over are eligible for colorectal cancer screening (established in 2008), women aged over 45 are eligible for screening mammography (established in 2003), and all girls and women aged over 15 are eligible for cervical cancer screening (established in 2009).

In accordance with the recommendation by the Council of the European Union, all screening examinations are offered by means of organised programmes, with strictly defined procedures and with an ensured quality control. Healthcare facilities selected for providing screening examinations (mammography centres, colonoscopy centres, and cytology laboratories) are therefore continuously monitored to provide high-quality examinations. All centres closely cooperate with hospitals involved in the CCCN, particularly in preventive and diagnostic examinations.

A system of personalised invitation to cancer screening was launched in early 2014, which turned the organised programmes into population-based ones. More detailed information on Czech cancer screening programmes – breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening and cervical cancer screening – is available at their respective websites (, and As an indispensable part of the Czech National Cancer Control Programme, these cancer screening programmes are also presented at

Type of health care facility

Gynaecologists are the primary providers of cervical cancer screening examinations.