Cancer care hospitals

Comprehensive cancer care in the Czech Republic is one of the cornerstones of the Czech National Cancer Control Programme. The specialised and the most demanding cancer care is concentrated in cancer centres (CCs), i.e. facilities that meet the criteria of providing healthcare to cancer patients as declared by the Czech Society for Oncology. The current list of CCs is defined by the Gazette of the Czech Ministry of Health No. 4/2015 (issued on 20 March 2015). Furthermore, another part of specialised cancer care is provided by haemato-oncology centres and children’s cancer centres. Cancer centres closely cooperate with other facilities in regional networks, particularly in terms of follow-up care. These facilities include district hospitals and outpatient health centres.

Detailed information about the Czech National Cancer Control Programme and the comprehensive cancer care is available on the official national web portal Among others, the website describes all components of the comprehensive cancer care and provides interactive visualisations and maps of all facilities involved in cancer diagnostics, primary treatment and follow-up care. In this way, complex and up-to-date information about organisation of cancer care in the Czech Republic is available to cancer patients and/or their families.